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  • This year’s epidemic caused everyone to hide at home instead of enjoying the joy of real basketball. 2K players have also seen the full sincerity from 2K Games. They spent a lot of time and energy on the development of NBA 2K21. So the price of NBA 2K21 increased by $10. But it is not a big trouble for 2K loyal players. They have already reserved many NBA 2K21 MT and are waiting for NBA 2K21 to arrive on September 4.

    I have committed the 2K game team to provide players with the best real basketball experience. The good news they tell the players is that they will use the powerful features of the next generation system to bring all the new technologies and amazing advancements to 2K basketball. PS4 players will see some obvious game improvements in NBA 2K21 on their platform. When the game team releases the NBA 2K21 demo for PlayStation 4 on August 24, players will learn how the game played.

    Damian Lillard put forward a lot of suggestions on game improvement to the 2K team. In his conversation with the developers, he can get what he most hopes the 2K team will allow players to increase the height of the point guard to 6-8. Fortunately, the game team developed many improvement plans after analyzing the collected feedback.

    The most commendable part of the 2K team is that it is good at receiving feedback from players and can quickly make corresponding improvement strategies according to the needs of players. A reasonable balance does not affect the players’ basketball experience but also guarantees the players’ freedom of the game. The various modes in the game are suitable for people of all personalities. The game team also reminded players to Buy 2K21 MT to build an advantage at the beginning of the game.