Harvest is the first to release on PC to bring the gospel to pl

  • POE players witnessed the birth of Harvest about two months ago. Its appearance has excited people who had been expecting the new league for a long time and searched for relevant news about Harvest on major social platforms. After understanding what kind of mechanism Harvest operates, they began to reserve POE Currency to prepare for the upcoming new content.


    But it’s all right now. PS4 and Xbox players can experience the fun of Harvest. The POE team praised their game activities and hoped that players can stimulate Harvest’s maximum potential. Now each of their players is eagerly farming in the new league to get the rare items they want. It is precisely because the league does not discriminate against each player’s level of strength, this game balance phenomenon can appear.


    The core part of Harvest is that players need to go to the sacred jungle to find the initial level 1 seeds and bring them back to the garden to plant and cultivate monsters. Players who have killed monsters will reap immense vitality and many rare materials that can make exquisite crafts. Some time ago, after the game team added a new patch to the new league, the game screen effects that players can see have become more exquisite. The probability of the high-level seeds that players can pick up has also become higher. Players with immense vitality can use this for some powerful productions or use it to grow more exotic crops.


    After so long of experience, many players have found that the handicraft production options in the Harvest League are more unique and outstanding than those in the previous leagues. Those players who want to follow the news of the new league all the time only need to log in to the official POE website to know. The Harvest League has lasted for over fifty days. Those players who had a lot of POE Orbs and POE Items should now Buy POE Currency because they have exhausted their supplies.