Many players still don’t know the horror of the Heart of the Gr

  • Most of the POE players are now gathering in Harvest to enjoy the fun content of the new league. In this league, agriculture is the major part, and the fight is a minor part. Getting POE Currency and POE Items through battle is still the most important way to make money in the game. The emergence of Harvest expands the ways for players to profit. They sell exquisite handicrafts processed with rare items to those who need it, and they can also get rich.

    Although the league does not pursue frantic battles like other leagues, players still need to face various terrifying monsters to complete the mission. Take the most common example. Players may die under the monster’s attack because of insufficient skill damage or insufficient follow-up explosive power when fighting with the monsters produced after the seeds mature. Such a game experience will definitely undermine the confidence of players who are already weak. If this vicious circle continues, the players’ love for POE will definitely gradually decrease.

    What should players do to defeat these monsters? The boss in the heart of the sacred jungle is undoubtedly the most powerful monster in Harvest. Once the players anger it, it will quickly launch an offensive against the players. But one good thing is that when it launches an attack, players can distinguish the skill damage according to the color and phrase of the skill it releases and makes a corresponding defense. Only the players will counter it if they defend it.

    There are four colors of skills it releases. When the color of the skill it releases is orange, players can break its walls to prevent it from spreading and causing damage. When the skill color is purple, she will charge up and launch a thorny orb that fires purple projectiles. When the skill color is green, it will hit the ground with its sledgehammer to trigger a series of damage. When the skill color is blue, it will release the lightning snake to bite the players.

    Players who can beat it can challenge it again to get those missed rewards such as POE Trade and vitality. Those players who have not yet challenged it are best to Buy POE Currency to prepare before provoking it. Good luck.