2K's increase in game prices triggered many comments

  • What may make players looking forward to NBA 2K21 very unhappy is that the price of the new generation of 2K games has increased by $10. They are afraid that the game becomes more and more expensive and they cannot play. It not only affected their overall impression of NBA 2K21 but also created a terrible impression on their future gaming journey. Because they not only have to spend more money to buy NBA 2K21 but also need to spend money to buy NBA 2K21 MT to maintain their game activities. The parent company of 2K expressed some views on the price increase of 2K21.

    Games industry not only asked CEO Strauss Zelnick about price increases, but also with Ubisoft’s decision to maintain the price of its next-generation games at $60 in 2020. Considering this decision, and many people’s concerns about the $70 game, Zelnick was asked if he thought Ubisoft’s decision would make it difficult for Take-Two to make consumers accept the price tag of NBA 2K21.

    The pricing of 3A games has not affected by rising development costs. The game team believes that their pricing is worthwhile because it took more effort and time than ever to develop NBA 2K21. Players will experience fun things they have never seen before in the recent version of 2K. 2K officials explained to the media that the pricing of games is directly proportional to the quality of games. They hope to provide the best experience for all players and also hope that players can understand their behavior in raising the price of the game.

    Players are currently very dissatisfied with their unauthorized increase in game prices. In NBA 2K20, there used to be various gambling behaviors and non-closable advertising content that caused players to be deeply troubled. These bad things left players with a terrible impression of NBA 2K20 as a whole. So players guessed that this wave of operations of the game team must be to make more money. But for those diehard fans of 2K, it doesn’t matter. They will still Buy 2K21 MT for those powerful players that are about to appear. Players will experience NBA 2K21 on all major platforms in a month.