Path of Exile 3.11.1f Patch Notes

  • The Path of Exile 3.11.1f will suppress multiple errors. Fortunately, we provided patch notes before its release. The patch is set to be deployed on the PC first, followed by the console. Created by die-hard gamers, "Path of Exile" is an online action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. Focus on visceral action battles, powerful items and deep character customization. If you have not obtained powerful items, don't worry, Chaos Orb can help you get them.

    This patch is designed to resolve issues with messages, special characters, access to the Holy Grove, Holy Grove portal, etc., including:
       Fixed a bug that could prevent Conqueror from being generated on your atlas after migrating from a single-player Independence League.
       Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate rooms to appear in the Temple of Asoatl.
       Fixed a bug that caused the black box to sometimes appear on top of the object.
       Fixed a bug where Elusive would cause some makeup effects to temporarily lose their texture when the gain value expired.
       Fixed a client-side crash that could occur when taking screenshots using Vulkan rendering.

    In the recent news, it was announced that the 3.12 announcement will be made on September 1. The next league is scheduled to land on PC on September 18, and the console will get a new league on September 23. The current league is over in less than a month. Buy POE Currency can make your current league as complete as possible.