Animal Crossing : How To Back Up Your New Horizons Island

  • "Animal Crossing": The second summer update of New Horizons has arrived. It adds some new features to the game, including the weekly summer firework festival, which falls on your face and saves a backup function. It is undeniable The former requires you to spend Buy Bells Animal Crossing. You need to have a paid subscription to Switch Online to take advantage of the latter, and it works differently from the typical cloud storage provided through the service. If you are not sure how to proceed, please backup Animal Crossing save data as follows.

    Performing a backup requires several steps. After installing New Horizons 1.4.0 first, you click on the "Settings" option in the lower left corner of the screen, and then you will see "Backup, not set". Press the minus button to access "Settings" and select "Island Backup" from your list of options to start the backup. After selecting island backup, Nook will emphasize that this backup function can only be used when your Switch is lost or damaged.

    To use the island backup function, you need to be eligible for a paid subscription to Switch Online. Of course, like other paid subscriptions, Switch will also provide different preferential prices according to the time period of your subscription.

    Most importantly, you naturally need to have a physical or digital copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as save game data. You also need to be connected to the Internet to back up data.
    After enabling the island backup function, your saved data will be automatically uploaded regularly, so you do not need to perform any other operations. Even if your system is in sleep mode, it will be backed up when you are not playing games. You can see the time of the last data backup on the title screen. The time and date of the latest backup will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen, under the "Settings" option.

    As Nintendo has always emphasized, if your Switch is lost or damaged, you can only restore the data saved by New Horizons, so you need to repair or replace the system (and a copy of New Horizons) first. You can restore your save. The user who first enables island backup will need to be the user who restores the saved data. The biggest advantage of choosing a backup is that your accumulated Nook miles Ticket and Animal Crossing Bells will not be lost due to accidents.