Path of Exile 3.12 announced to be released on September 1

  • Grinding Gear Games announced its next "Path of Exile 3.12" expansion announcement, which is scheduled for September 1. Path of Exile is an action role-playing game released by GGG. Items in Path of Exile can have different attributes, which can be used to enhance your character equipment. As an intermediary for game transactions, Buy POE Currency can be used to purchase special items you need.

    They shared the expansion timeline on their official forum over the weekend. The expansion 3.12 will actually be developed in a 13-week timeline. Grinding Gear Games stated on the forum that their development usually takes 13 weeks. However, due to the peculiarities of 2020, developers working from home caused Harvest to develop for 14 weeks. Usually they release four extensions in March, June, September and December each year, which means that new extensions need to save 1 Weeks to make up for the time wasted in the previous development. However, to be on the safe side, 13 weeks can make the next expansion of consumption much safer. Despite this, the developers will still complete the work within 12 weeks, but this may be delayed a bit.

    As for the release date, the release date is set for September 1. The release date of Expansion 3.12 (the name is not known yet) will be September 18 for PC and September 23 for consoles. This means that their current league Harvest will end on September 14 PDT 3p. Between now and the release of 3.12, the league activities have not ended. As the most powerful Poe currency, the more POE Chaos Orb, the better, you can exchange the more advanced and better equipment, which is very important for POE players to win every season. In case you miss this season, you can catch up with the team's plan for the rest of 2020.