Path of Exile: Harvest adds city buildings to action RPG

  • Summer expansion of the road of exile: harvest. Harvest provides players with an opportunity to build their own garden and build a complex irrigation machinery network in the sacred bush. Usually, you need to study the use of POE Currency and PoE projects that you own to improve equipment. As an action role-playing game, when the player goes to harvest, plant seeds will become active.

    When the harvest starts, the player will encounter the seed cache in the world. When the player interacts with the seed cache, it will discard a large number of seeds, so choose the seeds you have carefully. Then, Oshabi will lead the player to the mysterious jungle. Each seed corresponds to a monster, and players plant them in the sacred bush for harvest. Some simple seeds only need time to harvest, while advanced seeds need to grow from the complex resources of simple seeds. Turning on the seed cache can increase the time in your garden by one unit. This is where Path of Exile transformed from an action RPG to a miniature city builder.

    In the middle of each seed layer, the player should build a collector to collect vitality. Players can use Lifeforce to create powerful effects on their equipment. Some seeds require Lifeforce to grow from lower-level seeds. By customizing each set of seeds, players can choose the enemies they want to fight and the crafting rewards they receive from the encounter. Players can harvest 48 seeds at a time, some of which can hold multiple monsters. After obtaining a level 3 seed, players can sometimes fight one of the 3 boss seeds.

    Devoted builders can create incredible, ubiquitous gardens, while others occasionally ignore their gardens with impunity. But the goal of "Holy Grove" is to make, and "Grinding Gear Games" wants to focus on throwing new items at each player as it does in each league.

    Like all leagues in Path of Exile, players can expect many other changes. 12 new unique items have been updated in the game, as well as the balance of the two combat weapons. One of the more efficient POE Orbs can turn ordinary items into rare items. Grinding Gear Games is also reviewing the game and changing some of the older options.