Path of Exile: Why is the new blooming effect so great

  • The Bloom graphic effects introduced in PoE can be frustrating: many players are uneasy about them, but you can't turn them off. Many players are completely blinded by the new Bloom effect in Path of Exile. Fortunately, this has no effect on your use of POE Currency, and you can still use it to purchase the most necessary equipment. About a month ago, "Harvest" launched the current league in Path to Exile. However, with a major update, Bloom graphic effects have caused the entire professional to complain.

    The stumbling block this time is this new graphic effect: as the developer announced at the PoE trade show Exilecon at the end of 2019, the first element of the successor should enter the game before the release of "Path of Exile 2". This also includes the new glow effect. Flowers in video games can ensure that bright light sources brighten the surrounding area. However, the effect of the developer Grinding Gear Games is a bit too much: the different light sources are so bright that many players are almost invisible. However, the biggest problem with the entire game is that you cannot turn off the graphics effects, you can only switch to a simplified version that is still too prominent for many players.

    A few days ago, the PoE community manager explained that before Harvest, poe had been using the outdated Bloom graphics effect system, and each effect needs to be elaborately produced by Blooming examples to show it, and the new system saves this part. This has brought disappointment to the players. With the application of the new system, it is obviously impossible to restore the previous graphics effects.

    Fortunately, Bex promises that all experiences that seem particularly bad should be optimized and become more affordable over time. It will also forward the proposal to the developer to be able to more accurately determine the bloom intensity in the options. Now, focusing on POE PS4 Currency is a good way to improve your experience.