Path of Exile: the path of blooming change

  • Grinding Gear Games recently provided some other details about the blooming in the latest version of Path of Exile ,The Harvest.

    As the team switched to more PBR, the graphical changes were in preparation for "Path of Exile 2". If you are not familiar with blooming, it basically simulates the light diffracted by a virtual camera. However, if used improperly, this effect will be very annoying. At this time, in order to enhance the game experience, POE Currency is particularly important. And, Grinding Gear Games has improved the blooming effect of Harvest.

    Grinding Gear Games stated: "With the release of the Harvest version, we upgraded to the new Bloom system, which looks much better, and the basic performance cost is the same as the old system. Since this system can handle Bloom correctly, it is no longer needed "Fake Bloom Particles" and we deleted as many effects as possible. This is a long process, but it improves performance because the effect now does not need to have too many particles ."

    However, players do not like this new trick, so the team provides some open options. First, they can solve current problems. They can also allow players to completely disable the effect by restoring previous false bloom particles. However, there is no simple solution.

    Grinding Gear Games stated: "We understand that for players who make Bloom feel uncomfortable, it can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, there is no easier way to solve it and it will take time to fix all problems. We expect Resolve most of the bad situations before Harvest is released, but the impact of lock-in makes this much more difficult than expected."

    Although the release of Path of Exile 2 is delayed, the developers will continue to update the current version. Data shows that the demand for POE Orbs is only increasing, so players are still looking forward to the current Path of exile.