Path of Exile 3.11.1 launched to improve harvesting crafts

  • With the release of some excellent-looking cosmetics, artworks, and the latest PoE patches, Grinding Gear Games has been in progress.Grinding Gear Games recently released some beautiful cosmetics, artworks, and the latest patches for Path of Exile, and it became a hit. For starters, patch 3.11.1 was deployed on PCs earlier this week and will now be available for consoles any day.

    The new patch brings major changes to Harvest. Monsters and bosses at levels 2 to 4 and Grove’s Heart will now drop plantable "seeds" for use in St. Grove. Due to the rarity and higher level of the opponents, they have a greater possibility of falling, so please be sure to increase your level as much as possible. POE Currency is the best way for you to increase the level of the game to maximize Reduce the drop chance. Teamwork is also very beneficial to achieving the goals of the game. Every time the seed falls, the team members have the opportunity to obtain or distribute the seed they don’t need.

    Community Director Bex_GGG recently shared some exquisite concept art related to Harvest. These artworks look great and provide insight into the creation process of some of the best looking cosmetics in the game. This includes the Dreadspire Amor set, including Dreadspire cloak, weapons and portal skins. Dark Magic Armor set, including magic wings and weapon skins.

    Path of Exile: Some things you need to know about the upcoming Harvest Alliance:
    The new patch has improved the harvest brought by Harvest. Improved the visual clarity of the Harvest Crafting description, you can automatically plant it when Harvest Crafting is still available, clarified the description of how to plant (and regenerate) the Heart of Grove, etc., and fixed some errors.
    Regarding the inconsistency of some modules. Grinding Gear Games is aware of the problem and is working hard to solve it. Finally, the developers released new skill effects for Sunder and Earthquake, and the appearance of weapons and the effects of using Path of Exile Currency to improve skills are very good.