Path to Exile patch notes: 3.11.1b brings more harvest and repa

  • Path to Exile in the 3.11.1b patch will soon have more fixes and improvements.

    Harvest Ready notification time has been reduced from the previous 15 seconds to 5 seconds. In addition, the  POE Currency icon has been added to the UI, so you can more easily see what any manual options will actually do.

    This patch fixes the following procedures:

        Fixed a bug where if you view the hide through Harvest Crafting "Hide View", then trying to upgrade the oil in the "Withered Hide" tab will cause the grease to be removed.
        Fixed some bugs that could prevent Grove's avatar from being converted to another stage of encounter.
        Fixed a bug that caused the Sacred Grove portal to spawn in places where Beast of the Beast Level 1 and Beast of the Beast could not walk.
        Fixed a bug that prevented the Pioneer’s unique work from being changed to a random beachhead map.

    In addition to some general improvements, skill improvements, and crash fixes, this patch also brings improvements to Bloom.
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