Tips on Buying Good Quality Outdoor Rattan Set

  • Gardens will always have a special space in our hearts, but over time it does have the tendency to fall out of style and maybe even disrepair.

    If you’re reading this article now, it may be a sign to revitalise your garden space, or maybe you just want it to look its best. In any case, this article will help you breathe new life into your garden with fresh furniture design.

    At present, more and more Brits are gearing toward a more natural vibe for their outdoor space. The perfect element to include in it is none other than a durable set of rattan garden furniture.

    Product Size

    Some retailers will use clever imagery and take photos from certain angles to make items look bigger than they are so one of our top tips is to make notes of all the products you are considering and check the dimensions, you’ll be surprised what a difference a few CM can make on a dining chair and the difference it makes to comfort. Similarly, with sofas, the depth of seats and height of back cushions can make all the difference between sitting comfortably and uncomfortably.

    Framework thickness

    The thickness of the frame is a key cost in the design and manufacture of rattan furniture and is something you should also consider. Arms on sofas and lounge chairs can range from 5cm to 15cm wide, whilst some consumers may not consider this as a key part of the decision making, you will need to consider the comfort you want when sitting in your garden and having somewhere to rest drinks or a tried arm will be appreciated later down the line long after the decision of cost is made.

    Choose the Right Frame

    Please take note that the frame material of the rattan furniture has a relation to its life expectancy and price. Also, you can find pieces of rattan furniture with one of two frame materials: aluminum or steel.

    Aluminum frames tend to be more expensive than steel structures. But, aluminum is more resistant to rust than steel.

    Rattan furniture with steel frames can be ideal for people who want to bring additional comfort to their gardens while following a strict budget. But, you may need to remove the rust off of the steel structures at least once every couple of years.

    On the other hand, you can have better peace of mind with rattan garden furniture equipped with aluminum frames.

    Aluminum is a weatherproof material, so it can brave cold and damp conditions without rusting. Still, if you decide to buy outdoor furniture with aluminum frames, be prepared to pay for the expensive price tags.

    Rattan furniture suppliers may also offer a broad range of accessories that complement your garden and lifestyle. Choose from the plethora of accessories to ensure you can gain excellent value from the purchase.

    These accessories include:

    Accessories can make an enormous difference while designing your outdoor space. There you can use pendant lighting, colorful cushions, fill the spaces with beautiful showcases and a lot more. You can also use an umbrella to give your outdoor a pleasant look, this idea would not only decor your courtyard, but also help you if your area gets lots of UV rays. Adding a pop of bright light with your umbrella will work as an amazing accessory.

    You can also add more to the accessories like adding a carpet connecting your main entry. Personalize style while selecting colors palates. Colorful and bright patterns will definitely complement the landscape and provide positive energy to a night on the patio. This idea will give a clean look to your outdoor decor.

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