Play as Michigan State football in Madden NFL 21

  • This is not the return of the beloved "NCAA Football" series, but Michigan State University fans will be able to experience the second best experience in this year's "Madden NFL 21". In the new update, MUT Coins will still play a strong advantage.

    In the upcoming EA Sports annual professional rugby video game version, the new "Franchise Face" mode will allow players to spend two seasons in 10 schools to play college football, Texas, Southern California University and Florida-before entering the NFL. The single-player experience will begin with players created by high school-level users before entering college, NFL Combine and the draft before starting a career.

    EA Sports recorded the description of the university section: "When you wear the hat of the selected school, the usual signing day will change dramatically. Once you step on campus, the stakes become higher and higher, because you not only The quarterback controversy must be dealt with skillfully and easily, and it must be clear how to appease domineering, old-school methods, and the new head coach Red O'Brian-trying to accumulate draft picks through two challenging college football seasons And in the process of winning one (or two) college football playoff titles at the same time.

    It doesn’t seem to be enough. When Coach O’Brien sent you the last pass – you were thrown out of the comfort zone and caught in confusion, either switching the position to “running” or “wide receiver”, or packing the luggage to seize the opportunity NFL Draft! "

    In the "Madden NFL 20" version of "Franchise Mode", players can play in Texas, Louisiana State University, Florida, Oklahoma, Clemson, University of Southern California, Oregon , Choose between Miami, Florida and Texas Tech. However, last year’s game allowed users Buy MUT Coins to join the college football playoffs, and the upcoming game provides a deeper college experience.

    The latest version of the "NCAA Football" series dates back to 1993 and was originally called "Bill Walsh University Football" and was released on July 9, 2013. Game fans have always hoped that it will return in the near future. The future depends on how the NCAA allows athletes’ names, images and portraits to be compensated.