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  • I don't want to sound dramatic, but it feels like "Torchlight 3" is a game staring at my own survival crisis.

    As early as the first Torchlight appeared in 2009, there were not many problems that Diablo fans were eager to solve. Those days are gone. After the torch passed, the isometric ARPG game genre shined, including "Path of Exile". As we all know, the POE Currency of the path of exile has always been the most sought after by players. New products such as "Dawn Dawn" and "Diablo 3" have injected new vitality into the niche market.

    Although the same can be said about the upcoming "Diablo 4", "Torchlight 3" feels like fighting for the essentialism of the series of games. So far, you can only return to the basics, and then you need to look forward and commit to the future prospects of such games.

    This pitch may sound exaggerated, but be sure to remember the pedigree here. Max Schaefer, CEO of Echtra Games, is often recognized as one of the key characters behind the development of the first two Diablo games, and it has taken decades to tinker and refine the template.

    A friend of mine recently called "Hell's Gate: London", which is one of the most important failures in the history of modern games. I can't help but agree. Shaefer and the team behind "Torchlight 3" have almost unparalleled authority and can compete for the appearance of the next generation of such games.

    With this prelude in mind, the Torchlight 3 version, which is now being previewed on Steam, shows that the future of the series looks and plays like the past. Of course there are some modern twists.

    The update of the Path of Exile will definitely attract more players. In the latest update version, the role of POE Orbs may become greater and greater, and players will reap more fun.

    Since the first Torchlight updated the original "Diablo" formula, and the sequel tried to tap the magic of "Diablo 2," the comparison with "Diablo 3" attracted them to use Torchlight3. Nevertheless, it is surprising that after using the current version of the game for a few hours, the distance between the two titles is not as far as I expected.