‘Path Of Exile 2’ beta delayed to 2021 due to coronavirus

  • Grinding Gear Games announced that due to corona-related delays, the beta version of "Escape 2" will be released next year.

    In the forum thread, the developer denied the possibility of 2020 Beta, which was first mentioned when the "Path Of Exile 2" was announced in 2019. There is a saying in the post: "We have been working hard to make the league appear on time as much as possible, which does mean that the sequel will be delayed. But rest assured that no matter which version, this will not affect the use of POE Currency."

    The developers also resolved a week-long delay in the latest expansion of "Escape Road" Harvest and future updates. "Typically, we operate with a 13-week development cycle, with an expansion every quarter. Since Harvest requires 14 weeks of development time, this means that if we don’t adjust the schedule, then the expansion in September and December Will appear later in the months."

    It added that the currently unnamed September extension, which was released later, "may be good, but for the December extension, Christmas is nearing danger because many of our employees will take the time to spend time with their families. If there are any problems , Fewer developers are always available to help."

    Therefore, Grinding Gear plans to have a shorter development cycle in September, which is "only twelve weeks after Harvest launches," noting that "if all goes well, our December expansion can also be carried out earlier and set aside more Space to holiday".

    However, the developer warned that the release window "may still change, so please do not take the time until we can confirm the release date with greater certainty."

    At the time of posting the post, Grinding Gear also announced that they "hope" to provide the Mac version of Path Of Exile sometime this year. The game is currently available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

    In other dungeon crawling news, Blizzard Entertainment recently released a quarterly update of the game director Luis Barriga's upcoming action role-playing game "Diablo 4." It covers details such as Camp mechanic, storytelling style, and how multiplayer game modes buy poe currency.

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