What will be spent on different levels of POE currency during t

  • In POE Harvest, the first layer of seeds can only be deleted from the seed cache, everyone can get a lot of such seeds, so in addition to Lifeforce, they are difficult to bring some valuable returns. It is best to only spend some ordinary POE Currency on these seeds, such as Scroll of Wisdom, Orb of Opportunity, and so on. There are more ways to make them in bulk without excessive effort, such as completing basic tasks, trading, and compared to certain rare items, they are unlikely to create huge effects.

    When killing level 1 monsters, the second level of seeds will drop. Correspondingly, monsters growing from these seeds will bring more valuable rewards. You need to spend more special items on them, such as fusion balls, alchemy Magic balls, chaotic balls, etc., some of which can increase or change the attributes of items, and convert some common items into rare items.

    The third layer of seeds will also fall from the second layer of monsters. To maximize its effectiveness, you need to use more rare or high-value POE items. Correspondingly, growing monsters will also drop unique items as rewards, which is difficult to obtain in other parts of the game.

    If you want to make your journey better, you need to keep farming and making currency. All transactions in the POE are done through barter transactions, including gems, equipment, spheres and so on. You can not only complete one or a few tasks to get a lot of POE currency, but constantly complete specific tasks to get the corresponding currency items.

    For non-paying players, we recommend that you continue farming, collect all the materials that you think are valuable and make them into high-end items, and then sell them to others in need, or exchange the items you have for your needs.

    Of course, there are a large number of players who are willing to buy poe currency for improvement, but how to choose a reliable store also seems to be a problem.

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