The Path of Exile-When you enter the field, get Harvest expansi

  • Among the slash fans of the hacker, there are two more or less distant chimeras. I call the first one Diablo IV, which is as worrying as making you want to be discovered. The second is “Path of Exile 2” it is not afraid of the first-mentioned POE Currency.

    However, both of them refuse to show themselves, so they must focus on the present or the near future. In this register, we can say that Diablo III is more effective than ensuring maintenance. Since starting his career in 2013, the Grinding Gear Games name has accumulated some expansions, and like some potato chips, has surpassed 20 major updates. Longevity and extraordinary perseverance.

    Therefore, after reaching Delirium in mid-March, we will discuss the story of the seed. This extension is called “Harvest” and is expected to be released on PC on June 19, and will be released on Xbox One and PS4 on 24 and 24 respectively, allowing you to visit Osani in the Holly Grove to play gardener.

    In fact, this expansion is not very complicated, because seed pods can be collected during various explorations. We must then bring the seeds, must then into the sacred forest to grow and nurture them. Monsters and obvious rewards ensue, forcing cultivators to fight fiercely against powerful enemies, and if the garden is sufficiently developed, sometimes even legendary.

    Obviously, since Harvest arrived, with recent expansions, new cogs and improvements, the Path of Exile will strive for Buy POE Items and balance. In this way, besides redesigning the passive tree (skill repair and new features), eight new skills have been added, two new auxiliary gems, the redesign of the Warhammer, new production possibilities, and what you may have noticed words beginning with N will repeatedly produce 12 new unique objects (plus 50 balances).

    In short, it is enough to prove that the path of exile has not completely given up its desire to survive. Much better.