How do POE novices choose the right role for them

  • The first thing many players do after logging into the POE interface is to create their own characters. Some of them did not fully understand before playing POE, which led to the selection of inappropriate characters, which caused an unsatisfactory game experience. Novice players can choose roles carefully according to their preferences and needs from the six roles provided by the game. They can get some POE Currency to enter the game and entertain.

    Before choosing a character, players can imagine whether they will match the character’s ability in the game. For example, if you admire close combat, choose the role of warrior, if you like archery, choose the role of archer, if you like the thrill of releasing skills, choose the role of the wizard. But there is a prerequisite for choosing these roles. Before the players play, they must first ensure that their characters are in a safe environment.

    How many players can enjoy the passive skill tree depends on the character they choose. As long as the character gains experience in combat and upgrades, the passive skill tree can extend and grown again. What may be unpleasant for players is that once the character selected, it fixes their starting point on the passive skill tree.

    They can also spend more money to change the starting point of their passive skill tree. For example, Templars reach the predator’s passive area and have their own skills, but it takes players a lot of POE Items and Path of Exile Currency to achieve. Any profession can change the starting point by consuming POE Currency. It requires players to Buy POE Currency to maintain the game needs.