It has determined that POE 2 will not meet players until next y

  • POE maker GGG published the next step about the game’s plans and POE 2 information on the POE official forum the day before yesterday. The gaming team apologizes to players that they will not release a beta version of POE 2 this year. Players are not surprised because they are now having fun in the fun-filled Harvest. And more and more people are carrying a lot of POE Currency to play in the new league.

    The original game team was preparing to launch the POE 2 beta on the anniversary of this year’s game release. GGG is still thinking of various ways to reduce the losses caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. It’s good now. The development team has enough time to develop the new league and POE 2. It turned out to be good news.

    Since they have spent 14 weeks developing Harvest, it means that the development of the next new league must complete quickly. When the official releases the delayed beta version at the end of the year, the extension 3.12 will also be released. The reason the game team did nothing is that they all developed recent extensions. Players hope that the official can inform the release date in advance before the official release of unknown things to facilitate their preparation.

    They also hope that game makers can inform players in the next few days of problems so they can take precautions early. More news about updates should also post to social platforms or community forums in time. Too many players have been expecting POE 2 beta for a long time. We now use most of POE Orbs and POE Items previously purchased by players in Harvest. It led to the need to Buy POE Currency when POE 2 released.