Some tips that can help POE players improve their harvest effic

  • The mechanism in POE’s latest Harvest League makes players mistakenly think it is an agricultural cultivation mechanism. In particular, players plant monsters instead of ordinary crops. They plant seeds in their own gardens and wait for the monsters to kill before they can get rare items and vitality that can trade POE Currency.

    Players who have already entered Harvest know that the first step in their game journey is to collect seeds from Sacred Grove guarded by NPC Oshabi. After collecting the seeds, they can start farming. It is worth mentioning that many monsters will randomly appear in Sacred Grove to interfere with players. Players who lack POE Items can kill them as appropriate to supplement supplies.

    Players can improve the reliability of the equipment according to the vitality they harvest and use the new mechanism to give full play to their imagination to create unique handicrafts. By planting more advanced seeds, players can choose more production directions. There are three different seeds in Harvest. Each animal has several manufacturing options based on different modifiers.

    Before you can successfully plant a seed, understand how long it takes to grow. Players should pay attention to whether the nutrients required for the growth of seeds are sufficient. Before planting, they need to read the seed description before they can start farming. To improve the efficiency of harvesting, players should also prepare distributors and collectors, storage facilities and towers in advance. The most important thing is that novice players should Buy POE Orbs as their first step to start capital before they can successfully start their farming journey.