What information it includes in Path of Exile 3.11

  • Path of Exile added patch 3.11 to the game in recent days. Harvest League thanks to this patch, many things have been further improved. Players will no longer crash their clients after entering the POE Harvest league. The effect of the game interface is also more gorgeous, mainly reflected in Grove Heart. Players can reserve POE Currency to re-enter the improved Harvest.

    In the 3.11 update released by Grinding Gear Games, players can collect seeds that can produce monsters of levels 2 to 4. Depending on the rarity of the seeds, players may pick up an unfamiliar seed that they have never seen before. They know that it means that they will gain more vitality and rare materials planting journey. These harvested items can make them rich while also enhancing the chances and abilities of players to make handicrafts.

    When players successfully collect seeds from level 2 to level 4, they may also collect other types of seeds they want to pass. After completing their collection tasks, players can use the teleportation array in the area to continue to the next area to continue to collect seeds. The monsters produced from the fourth-level seeds will not cause endless trouble to players. And they can also find that they can pick up second-level seeds after they kill monsters produced by first-level seeds.

    They can also see additional enchantment effects when medium and large cluster gems fall. Players can safely collect all loot on the ground. But it does not mean that players do not need to go to POE Currency Buy anymore. Collecting items dropped by monsters alone to maintain players needs to be less reliable. 3.11 patch content is roughly like this.