Players learned that the release time of the POE 2 beta delayed

  • Although online news about the delayed release of POE 2 is everywhere, players are still reluctant to believe this until GGG sends an official announcement to players. Players can also understand the development team’s last resort. Both POE and other games were more or less affected by COVID-19 and forced to suspend work. Fortunately, the Harvest League released by GGG some time ago filled the emptiness of the players. They all happily used the previously kept POE Currency in the new league.

    Maybe players never want to hear anything contrary to what they have been waiting for. Game developers explained to players that their original plan was to release a beta version of POE 2 in the second half of this year. Everyone now knows the reasons for the suspension of POE 2 release. They also have no way to weaken the epidemic and only try their best to guarantee players an enjoyable gaming experience. It means that the release time of content other than the core content will definitely be delayed.

    The release of Harvest League provides players with a three-month play period. The initial performance of this quarterly update exceeded the expectations of players and achieved substantial success. Those who see POE from Steam can enter the game world of POE by downloading the game for free. The game team has always committed to providing players with the most realistic fighting experience and financial system. Now, the delayed release of POE 2 provides players with enough time to play Harvest League.

    Unknown players need to know that Path of Exile Currency and POE Orbs are important currencies in the game. Before entering the Harvest League, they need to go to the store or agency website to Buy POE Currency as start-up funds to get a better gaming experience. As for the wonderful functions and mechanics of POE 2, please wait patiently. Now players are better to focus on Harvest to accumulate more experience in the future POE new leagues more smoothly.

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