Players may not be able to play POE 2 until next year

  • The development process of many games has hindered because the epidemic situation is too severe this year. POE 2, which scheduled to release at the end of this year, now looks unlikely to hold as planned. It is understandable, although it disappoint players. The release of Harvest League dilutes loneliness of players. They used POE Currency originally reserved for POE 2 in Harvest League to get a better experience.

    Players can already see posts written by developers on the official POE forum. The content of the post is roughly that they will not release the Beta version of POE 2 this year. The focus of the developer’s work is now Harvest League, so it will inevitably lead to the delayed release of POE 2. The release time of the remaining two expansions this year may be late because the duration of Harvest League will be as long as 14 weeks.

    Another new expansion that players will see in September will be excellent. The unpleasant news is that the development of the new league that appears in December may be slow. It was Christmas time at that time, and many staff members needed to go home to accompany their families. Even if there is a problem with the game, a professional technician will fix it immediately. GGG will speed up work efficiency to push more interesting new content for players on time to keep players’ enthusiasm for POE.

    Mac users may also experience the fun of Path Of Exile this year. There will be many novice players pouring into the POE game world to experience various novel functions and mechanisms. For newcomers who understand nothing, Buy POE Currency is their most correct choice. After having POE Trade Currency and POE Items, things are much easier. Stay tuned!