Players hope to see the innovative mechanisms that appear in De

  • POE is the most successful game developed by the Grinding Gear Games team. Path Of Exile’s popularity on steam is still high. Players who still have a continuous stream of people join POE to enjoy the game, thanks to the game team’s continuous, tireless introduction of new content and the repair of a series of important bugs and so on. Many players know the news of POE 2 and look forward to its release. But it is still too early. Players can go to Harvest League to get some POE Currency.

    The original plan announced by GGG to players is that they intend to release the Beta version of POE 2 by the end of this year. The unpleasant news is that the original plan must have postponed because of the impact of COVID-19. The spread of the virus hindered the various work processes of the game team. It may be difficult for players to see any major version updates in the game in the second half of this year. The game team successfully developed and pushed the Harvest League to players to ensure that players can get a complete game experience. They will definitely see more news about Path Of Exile 2 next year.

    The super-successful Delirium League, held in the past three months, has completely changed POE’s existing gameplay and mechanics. The deli mirror that appears in Harvest may surprise players. It is very conducive to players who have succeeded in the Delirium League to succeed in the Harvest League. Many players also hope to see these interesting and innovative features in POE 2.

    They believe that since GGG can develop such interesting Delirium and Harvest leagues, the POE 2 developed by them will not be bad. Players have expressed that they are so interested in the Harvest League that it thrills them to Buy Path of Exile Currency to support their basic expenses in the new league. They also believe that there are still some areas in the harvest league that deserve improvement.