POE’s popularity on Steam is rocketing because of Harvest’s fir

  • The new Harvest replaced Delirium as the player’s favorite league. Many players have been fighting in the Delirium League for three months, so the leisurely Harvest is a comfortable choice for players. More and more players join Harvest to experience novel features and things, which has caused POE’s popularity on Steam to rocket. Players of all levels can gain vitality and POE Currency through hard work in the game.

    POE team released Harvest League last Friday. It prompts most players to enter the new league. The sacred jungle is the most important area in Harvest. Players must collect various seeds here and bring them back to the garden for cultivation. In this way, players can kill monsters produced by seeds to gain vitality and various precious materials.

    Players can choose three different types of seeds for cultivation. Different levels of seeds represent different rewards. They can also beautify their garden with something beautiful. They can also make nutritional reagents for the seeds they plant. All players have to do is try to defeat as many monsters as possible to get various loot.

    Steam players have become much more active since the release of Harvest. Many potential players are very curious about the mysterious Harvest. The number of players before and after POE Harvest was 15,537 and 125,432 respectively. The number of players so active has made more and more people interested in POE Harvest. The number of players in the Delirium League period is the highest level in POE Steam history with 132,508 players. All players prepare to Buy POE Orbs for their farming activities.