Hard work in Path of Exile Harvest is difficult

  • Many players know a lot of information before they release Harvest. They all thought Harvest’s gameplay should not be so difficult to learn and complicated. Now even old players will be at a loss when facing Harvest. It makes them unclear how to use POE Currency to adapt to the new league.

    GGG released a new Harvest League for most players last weekend. After three months of intense fighting in the Delirium League, players are eager to relax in the new and relaxing Harvest League. The new league created by the game team is a hidden killer with an external appearance.

    Many players mistakenly think placing the collector next to the crop and waiting for it to collect life will give them a chance to rest. So far it looks like this. Players also gained some rewards through planting activities. The strange thing is that players picked up more advanced seeds from the monsters they killed. It means that players must invest more energy to cultivate advanced seeds. In addition, they also need special irrigation systems and fertilizers for advanced seeds. Even old players will feel scalp numbness in the face of such a situation.

    Many players naively think it is actually very simple to do. But even old players will feel scalp numbness when facing such a situation. Many farming-loving players have already started their own competition in garden production. These competing players have made hundreds of collectors and other fragmented parts to help them gain vitality and crafting materials more efficiently.

    For now, some players afraid of trouble have lost their enthusiasm for the new league. In fact, this part of the players can go to the six beginner versions provided by POE to try before entering the new league. They will find Harvest is very worthwhile for players to start the game after going through some basic challenges. Players should also Buy POE Trade to prepare for the initial cost of the new league.