Relevant information about the harvest league in the POE 3.11 p

  • The POE 3.11 patch entered the game last Friday. The harvest league has become the mainstream content of POE for the next three months. Players are now wondering which version they should start the game and how many POE Currency they should prepare for the cost of the new league.

    Many old players will suggest that novice players go to the Novice League for a period and then go to the official version to play the game. The advantage that players can get in the Novice League is that they do not need expensive items to exchange for unique material items. They can use the following constructs to get initial happiness. We can find specific operation steps in the official forum or Harvest game guide.

    The advantage of Templar is its simple operation and low price. Novice players can master them very quickly. Players can increase the damage value of the skill gem by 50% after using him in the new season game. Players should also set up totem placement. Use it to attack enemies in all directions to collect various loot more efficiently. But in the long run, players will find it hard to fight and be bored if they encounter hard battles.

    Ranger is one of the most interesting and favorite bow and arrow skills. When the players shoot the arrows of the Scourge, they can see that the shot arrows will spread more stings in the air to cause more damage to the enemy. Players only need to shoot a few arrows to clear all enemies around. Ranger has high damage and chief defense and high agility attributes are its primary advantages. The unpleasant thing is that when players release it, they must continuously attack enemies to keep their situation safe. It also needs a lot of intelligence to prepare for the enemy in advance. Players are better to Buy POE Currency as soon as so they can take the lead in Harvest league.

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