Players can now know in advance the release of POE Harvest on P

  • Harvest is the new league mode that will take over the POE Delirium League, which will release on PS4 next Monday. Its arrival adds new vitality and items to POE and allows players to get loot such as POE Currency or vitality in a more interesting way. Players need help from a character named Oshabi in the new league. They can find a seed cache in the sacred jungle and then plant the seeds in the garden for careful cultivation. It will bring them unexpected surprises.

    Players can find the seed cache in all areas of the game map as long as they look carefully. After carefully cultivating for a while, players will harvest a lot of monsters for them to kill to gain vitality. The magical thing is that players can harvest their plants after filling up the meter. The collector will help players collect vitality more efficiently. They can also use the fresh vitality to make powerful handicrafts. The attributes of the seeds planted by the players will be the same as the attributes of the handicrafts.

    The purpose of the game team to develop the program is to allow players to get better quality items. The number of items in the sacred jungle will be inversely proportional to the number of items players pick up from monsters. So players are better to make handicrafts according to their actual needs. The value of crafts is directly proportional to the depth of players in the new league.

    More hard battles will produce rarer materials. If the players do not want to enter the battle so quickly, you can first enjoy the design features and style of the new league. Influenced by COVID-19 Although the game team had to work from home, it now appears that POE 2 has designed a lot of power for the monsters in the new league. POE is not a simple game. Players must do their best in the game to be successful in the game. They must also try every means to Buy POE Orbs to maintain their daily expenses. The most satisfying thing for players is that POE adds new content to the game every three months. Now all players are looking forward to all the features provided by Harvest.