Let players see what fun changes exist in the new league

  • The most dazzling change in Path Of Exile comes from the optimization of passive skill trees. Players can use it to build a lot of useful skills and unlimited times. Many key elements that exist on the passive skill tree are conducive to players to play the game better and gain multiple feelings. The frequency of use of two-handed weapons and anger mechanics in the new league will escalate. Players can use POE Currency dropped by monsters to buy some melee weapons to prepare for combat.

    Delirium League was so successful that Harvest league suffered lots of pressure. POE made lots of efforts to make recent league success.  Players like the Harvest League game mechanics and interesting things. They only have a brilliant chance to find Delirium mirrors when they have both transcendence and intrusion on the map which differs from most alliance mechanisms that have become the core.

    Warcry has been a desolate area since they released POE. The reason players don’t like to go is that there is no loot available in the place and there is no gain effect on the player itself. POE has now made major improvements to the mechanism of the region. Players can now release skill damage here with a higher and larger range, and the damage caused by enemies to players has also reduced a lot. It has welcomed by players since they optimized it.

    For people who haven’t played POE because of computer performance problems, GGG’s new Vulkan Renderer is very helpful for people to enter the Harvest League to start the game. Once players fight against hundreds of monsters, the screen frame rate will be unstable. Many players now say that with the help of Vulkan Renderer their frame rate becomes stable. Most people are very grateful for Vulkan Renderer. Then it’s time for players to Buy POE Currency to enter the game and have fun. Endless POE Orbs and POE Trade Currency are waiting for players to plant and get them!

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