ACNH Shell Economic Analysis Details

  • ACNH players can quickly get countless ACNH Bells by finding a variety of summer shells due to some shells are very valuable. Those players who often upgrade the appearance of their islands have a great demand for ACNH Nook miles Ticket. Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells are one of the most important currency forms in the game. They can make themselves rich in many ways, such as catching fish, buying and selling, or planting cash cows. With sufficient wealth, players can always beautify their islands.

    The season in ACNH is already in summer. Some players have noticed that a lot of high-value blue summer shells appear on the beach. They felt it was time to collect shells to make money. Players can sell shells that are not suitable for making crafts and leave valuable shells. This article is to let players know which shells are of higher value so that players can quickly and efficiently collect the shells they want. As long as players collect enough valuable shells, they need not to Buy Nook miles Ticket.

    There are 13 shells with unique values ​​in the game. Their price ranges from low to high are around 30 to 1200 ACNH Bells. The most expensive shell is the pearl oyster priced at 1200 Bells, and the cheapest shell is Porcelette priced at 30 Bells. Players do not yet know whether other shells will appear on other people’s islands. Players have to patrol the beach every once in a while to see if there are new shells. It is best for them to have time to pick up shells when they are busy with their principal tasks to maximize their time. They can also discard shells they don’t like, but it will reduce the chance of spawning in a particular shell.

    Players must not arbitrarily sell all high-value shells. They can wait until the summer has passed before selling these shells. These summer shells became anti-season products. Players usually make a considerable profit from selling anti-season merchandise. There will definitely be a group of players who lack crafting materials to buy shells. It means that economically minded players can store more summer shells and wait for the time when the benefits maximize.

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