A chain of repeated bugs puts ACNH in the biggest crisis of all

  • The game team of Animal Crossing New Horizons has fixed the item duplicate bug that appeared before the game. But now the game is facing a recent crisis. The unpleasant news now is that players can still make ACNH Nook miles Ticket or other rare materials without restriction using multi-player system vulnerabilities and automatic saving functions.

    The game team has made countermeasures to the bug. They have deleted many videos on the Internet about how to copy items in case the gaming financial system is disrupted. Nintendo is actively fixing bugs. So players need to use bugs to get a huge number of Animal Crossing Bells as soon as possible, which means that players can avoid to Buy ACNH Bells for a long time. Before the bug is completely fixed, players can still achieve the goal of copying items indefinitely by following the steps below.

    Players should first let the three detailed and playable residents go to their island. The first resident must spend a day tidying up the buildings on the island to prepare for the next two residents. When they have been on the island for a day, players should open the airport. After doing these things, players should mail a letter containing Nook Miles Tickets or Bell Voucher to residents of other islands. Players can get unimaginable wealth by mailing the items they want to copy to others. Players are best to cooperate with others to make good use of this bug to get rich.

    When the players first enter the house and then exit the house, the items contained in the mail will appear in the player's mailbox. If there is no success, then going forward will definitely succeed. Players use bugs to transfer items in emails to their warehouses. Players can use multiple residents to repeat the previous operation after a successful one to get item rewards multiple times.

    Attached link: https://www.iggm.com/animal-crossing-bells