How to host the perfect Animal Crossing New Horizons wedding

  • Alpacas Cyrus and Reese spent a month and a huge number of ACNH Nook miles Ticket to prepare for their wedding. During this period they also Buy ACNH Bells to maintain other expenses of the wedding. Although the cost of holding the wedding is very huge, they stood in the center of the wedding and left happy memories. Now we will introduce how players get rich rewards during the wedding season and help players understand what the role of heart crystals is. Inexplicable blue summer shells may appear in the game. Let's see what is going on.

    The first step for players is to go to the island where Harv is located. Cyrus and Reese hope players can take pictures of them. Players can use any furniture to reach the mission goal every time they go to the island where they are. Players are best to create pink and white furniture items specially created by Cyrus to make this happy couple happy.

    It’s easy to do. If they want to hold a wedding in the form of a reception, players can put some tables and chairs to arrange the venue for the newcomers to enter. Decorating a wedding with roses looks like a pleasant choice. Players are best to arrange the venue according to the color preferences of the couple and take unique photos for Reese. Reese will tell the player the quality of your work after you have done all these trivia. If players get excellent reviews, they can get a piece of furniture and some Heart Crystals and crystals that can be traded with Cyrus.

    This is a simple task for players. Players can communicate closely with Harv and Photopia. It takes players six days to buy Cyrus and Reese albums. On the seventh day, players can also get DIY recipes for the wedding. That’s all you need to consider when hosting a wedding. The funny Animal Crossing New Horizons wedding season is looking forward to more players joining!

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