The few bosses that POE players are most afraid of

  • Since the release of POE, many players have seen and solved most of the monsters. But there are still monsters that are too powerful for players to dare to challenge. Although it is said that defeating these most powerful monsters can earn more POE Currency than ordinary monsters, almost no player has the strength and courage to challenge one of them alone. This article focuses on three bosses who are too strong.

    Without the addition of Sirus and Conquerers, Uber Elder is still the most difficult opponent for players. However, as far as the current game situation is concerned, Uber Elder has become a target for players to train skills. Older servants will often appear during the game. There needs to be a good integration between mob and boss management. Players will fall in love with fighting after they understand what will happen to the battle. It is a good example of players fighting against powerful bosses in the past.

    The King of Crystal called Aul is in the deepest part of Delve. It looks like a knight with no special mechanics and loves cold damage without modifiers. Aul will have stronger modifiers when players start fighting him. The depth of the players in Delve is directly proportional to the strength of Aul and his minions. Players can only stay away from the dark way by facing flares, while facing a boss who can freeze you immediately and kill you in two blows. After Aul combined with the ridiculous health pool, it easily became the most difficult bosses in Path Of Exile.

    Although Aul is difficult to deal with, the strongest boss now must be Sirius. It combines the skills of the Elder and the Shaper and raises it to 11. Only the strongest player can beat it. Its damage coverage area is large enough to cover the entire arena. It releases skills to make meteors fall. It forces players to complete the maze or adventure and die immediately. But if players are lucky enough to beat it, they will receive an unimaginable amount of POE Exalted Orb and Path of Exile Currency. Players naturally do not need to Buy POE Currency. And it can combine the two influences into POE Items handicrafts. So players deserve to work hard to defeat Sirius.