Some assessments of Madden NFL 21

  • Madden 21 wants to make football fun again. Since the introduction of the new Superstar KO mode in the game last year, this has been the main trend of the old grill series. It feels like a statement. Gone are the solemn simulations of many major stadiums in the United States and the tone of Professor Dulset playing field by field. Instead, the players drafted an elite lineup of all-professional players and entered the cervical spine in the veritable Thunder Dome. No bets, no shots, and no reason to make the most long throws than this book. After winning, you have the right to claim a player from your opponent's roster, just like looting a corpse in an MMO. It seems an intention to twist the football game to the late 90s. Madden is finally satisfied with NFL Blitz.

    And now, by 2020, EA has doubled. The main new game mode in Madden 2020 is called The Yard. As a football fan of his life, he immediately thought of NFL Street's Nyepi. The legend I want to say is that a bunch of NFL millionaires are tired of fighting for MUT 21 Coins in front of a fan country, but instead cast their grievances on the open space next door.

    The Yard is played in a six-on-six format and is subject to backyard rules. The same players play offensively and defensively, each team gains 3 offensive momentum, and potential commandos need to perform the classic "one Mississippi and two Mississippi" counts before they can pass the screen.

    The Yard may be more interesting than Madden's other products. In my second game, I learned that I can flip the ball to anyone who hasn't ended. Pigskin runs backwards, then to the screening receiver, and then back to the quarterback. This is the open game rule. After scoring, you choose to try single-point conversion, two-point conversion or three-point conversion, each of which requires you to obtain exponential yards. Forty years later, EA has learned a strange lesson: People's pursuit of Madden far exceeds football, and this is their favorite thing.

    Like many other annualized franchises, Madden will fall into its own comfort mode. Madden 21 is rarely disappointing, but as we find that many contact points remain the same year after year, the halo is diminishing. The franchise model has returned to the perfect embodiment of the past. Control franchises that are not operating well and try to make them respectable through cornerback exercises and detailed reconnaissance reports.

    The same is true for Madden Ultimate Team. This is a closed economy of collecting hell. It requires players to form a top team through a large number of microtransactions similar to Madden 21 Coins or a large amount of polishing. I activated the mode, completed the first challenge, and immediately received the Blake Bortles card, known as the worst quarterback on the playoff team in recent memory. I traded him for a little bounty, which finally allowed me to increase the speed of the wide receiver by one percent. The barriers to entry to truly participate in the Ultimate Team competition are so big that I can't gather time or energy to invest. When I can switch to any other mode and run in the field like Saquon Barkley, why should I play a 75-point guard? Whenever I saw another video about a teenager opening a $1,000 backpack, my eyes rolled back to my head.