Madden 21: How to get a free copy on PS4 and XB1

  • On Monday, Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Melvin Gordon III of the Denver Broncos entered Twitter with similar messages, apparently sponsored by EA. All three players stated that they will receive Madden 21 giveaways on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players will also receive Madden 21 gifts during the game, including Madden 21 Coins.

    All NFL players and EA ask fans to do is to simply forward images with Madden21 hashtags to get a chance to win free games. "Madden 21" was released globally on August 28. Because it was welcomed by fans and the media, it did not attract much positive attention. In fact, the review score is the lowest in history. I reviewed it and gave scores consistent with what most other publications feel.

    Last weekend, as the Negative Train began to lose focus and boundaries on the absurd, we saw the trend of the NFLDropEA hashtag on Twitter. In other words, from a strict point of view, this does indicate a fairly common dissatisfaction with the product.

    However, unless EA sees a decrease in sales and spending of Buy MUT 21 Coins in MUT, they don't care much. Having said that, no major organization likes bad media, but "Madden 21" has produced a lot. Can this player-led initiative balance all the negative content on social media? This is uncertain, but you can be sure that thousands of people are forwarding their free copies.