Madden 21 comments before game release date should focus on pot

  • Although the release date of Madden NFL 21 has not been officially announced, players have been able to use the game earlier.

    Whether it is an official reviewer who receives a premium copy or an EA Play subscriber who has been granted access a week in advance, many people have already opened Madden 21. And the early comments were not very good. Before the game was released, Madden had already caused anger, and once it was released globally, this sentiment would not disappear. Since the game's pre-release, the biggest problem has been many errors, glitches, typos and other basic elements of video games. You may complain about gameplay or lack of features, and even find MUT 21 Coins difficult to obtain. But the comments focus more on simple factors that shouldn't be a problem.

    YouTuber Ryan Moody said in his "Madden NFL 21" review: "This looks like an unfinished product." "This is not what customers should get when they open the box of a new game." In Moody's video, he asked his subscribers to send screenshots of them playing Madden 21. Although Madden has always encountered some problems in the past games, but this year these problems are indeed bigger than before.

    This is not just a one-time case of Moody's complaining about the game. Many users in the Madden subreddit also submitted errors they found while playing the game. Remember, those who play Madden 21 through EA Play only have 10 hours of game time before the official release. Therefore, this is not to say that they spend a lot of time looking for faults. This is why they reluctantly played the game and found a lot of errors.

    Video game writer Bryan Wiedey also found many mistakes while playing the game. Wiedey pointed out some issues in the Twitter post, including the quarterback getting stuck in the game, throwing incorrectly, and the typo where the Seahawks were spelled "Seahacks."

    Although weird bugs and glitches are annoying, they (or should be) easy to fix in patch updates. In addition, the game has not yet been officially released, so I hope the EA Sports development team can fix it before everyone can play the game. Therefore, it is important to note that these errors are not the only problem for game fans.

    YouTuber Marcus Whitman (or the franchise guy) uploaded a video titled "Madden NFL 21 Honest Review." In it, he subdivided each game mode from Madden 21 and explained whether he likes it or not. His main criticism is that video games cannot perform as well as simulated football as they used to.

    Whitman said: "Overall, Madden NFL 21 may be a good video game." "The problem is, this is not an excellent football simulation game. Frankly speaking, the frustrating thing is that National Football The league is okay with this... In addition to adjusting a few lines of code for aggressiveness and simulation data, what content has EA added so if you buy Madden to simulate what you see on Sunday, especially in single player games , I can’t think of a good reason for you to pay for the patch for this game to update to Madden20."

    Whitman admits that if you like arcade-style football games, you might like Madden21. But for those looking for football simulation (EA Sports has the right), you will be disappointed.

    But Whitman said that the arcade style is good, others are not so confident. Whitman mentioned the arcade style of the game mainly because of Madden 21's new game mode "Yard". From the outside, this game mode is very interesting, but YouTuber SOFTDRINKTV explained why it disappointed him.

    He said: "The yard is actually an example of EA trying new things. But it's not fun." "It was plagued by Madden's bad gameplay. It looked cool, but I was very disappointed when I played it. . It feels lifeless and lifeless. They spend all their time and energy outside of the core game."

    If you are someone who plays games online or likes Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), then you will buy this game. It's just that you may need to think about MUT 21 Coins or Buy Madden 21 Coins directly in the store. If you think The Yard looks interesting, or you like "Faces of Franchise", a then playing this game may be fun, but the price is too high. However, if you are a casual player, like detailed franchise mode or play games on your computer, then this game may not be for you.

    Although EA Sports has not invested much time in franchising in recent years, it does feel that this year is a turning point for frustrated fans. After all, this is the first year that fans actually received a response from the EA Sports team about their frustration with the franchise model.