EA clarified Yard's PVP options when releasing "Madden 21"

  • EA has announced that it will launch player-to-player at launch, and each party can have three human players. EA launched the Madden 21 game console version. Although it has undeniable quality and appeal, it seems to have confirmed some fans' concerns about this game. Of course, players will also worry about the insufficient Madden 21 Coins after the release. Don't worry too much. Players can ask for help on GameMS. This website has always been committed to providing players with cheap and safe Madden Coins. By then, players can go and screen.

    The gameplay seems to be open, and may contain some of the most important YouTube video valuable actions we have seen in football video games. As you can see in the trailer, all of this sounds very exciting. However, the main problem is that many users worry about. That is, it is impossible to play a pure 6-to-6, player-to-player game.

    The following are various ways how EA passed The Yard in the Gridiron Notes featured game.

    "When you play the game by yourself, you will be able to switch to any player on the field. They are your squad. In a two-player game, each of you will control your own avatar and two NFL stars. In a three-player game, You will each control another NFL star. In the game, you will always start from the avatar, and the color indicator of the partner player will correspond to the color of the teammate and displayed below the partner player. If any of your players become Players, we will automatically switch you to them."

    I had to read this description several times and consult other experts in the sports video game world to make sure I understood it correctly. In the final analysis, it seems that at least from the beginning, the "yard" has no player-to-player concept. This seems to be the answer provided by EA to fans who may be dissatisfied with this dynamic.

    "Why not go for a complete 6v6 human? When making The Yard prototype, we tried various combinations, from 7v7 to 3v3. We can only control 6 players by 3 people at most, because this is focusing on your avatar and There is a good balance between ensuring that as many players as possible participate in each game."

    Although actions, concepts, and customizations may initially attract people, if there is enough space to attract fans to participate, it will be shocking. Taking this online mode, but restricting players from competing with each other, is like inviting someone to a barbecue instead of just giving them a side dish. Many crazy players may ask, where is the meat? In this case, it is the online competition component that supports the entire concept. But the specific effect depends on the situation after the game is released. Of course, most players also value MUT Coins, so you can learn more about it on the GameMS website.

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