The carrot trader of Animal Crossing New Horizons has a new fe

  • For the first time, I invited strangers to participate in my animal crossing: New Horizon Island. I created a large fence area to keep naughty strangers away from my flower fields and orchards. I've heard horrible stories, flowers are trampled and islands are looted, so I struggled to create a path from the airport to Nook Cranny, which makes me sad considering how far my Nook Cranny is from the airport.

    I was fired in Stalk Market before, but it was mainly my own mistake. Considering all the factors, the damage that internet strangers may cause to my digital island is very small, but I spent tens of hours in this place. There is not much risk in not posting my Dodo code publicly on Twitter.

    Since then, I have brought the bell out of the stalk market. For this, I am very grateful, because obviously, the stubborn radish trader is facing a new threat: robbery at sea, which is caused by the addition of a new summer update in the summer. In theory, it works like this: Players fly to an island to sell radishes and get Animal Crossing Bells. Some turnip merchants charge an entrance fee to their island – players who want to avoid this situation can jump off the pier, swim to the entrance of another island, sell the turnip without paying, and then leave the island quietly. The person who made the prank may just step on the flowers and shake the tree where the island owner does not intend to let strangers go, or may secretly pick up another player's tip or other items dropped on the ground. Anything that falls on the ground is dangerous.

    Essentially, unless it is actually a fence around the entire beach, it will render the existing fence on the island useless. A Reddit user posted information about risks on the Animal Crossing subreddit over the weekend. I haven’t seen on social media that so many people were actually scammed, but several users in the Reddit thread said a maritime robbery happened-several people pointed out that the risk is less damage to their islands, but It is more a betrayal of trust.

    Inviting strangers to your island can be a neat little experience, but obviously, it can also bring the worst people. This may cause you to lose a lot of ACNH Bells or Nook miles Ticket. You must believe that the risk of robbery is real.