Path of Exile: The harvest has begun, so continue to farm

  • The free action role-playing game Path of Exile brings something new to fans: a little farming. No, we are not discussing all the POE Currency and loot available, but a new harvest garden/union where you can plant various seeds and a private garden facing monsters.

    Path of Exile: Hawat introduced Oshabi, the guardian of the sacred jungle. In this area, you will plant seeds found at various levels. The purpose is to record where your blocks are placed, build a collector next to them, and then grow plants by looking for more seeds (this will allow Harvest to expand the growth cycle of the garden). Then, you will spawn monsters and gain their vitality to unlock powerful crafting options.

    As stated in our in-depth preview, Path of Exile: Harvest provides a unique experience like never before. It combines city construction and management mechanisms, as well as the battles and itemized records fans are used to. Of course, without all the POE Currency Buy loot and equipment you can find, it will not be Path of Exile. The Harvest extension adds unique POE Items, such as Doryani's Prototype (for those who like to kill enemies with an electric knife), and the Arcanist brand, which allows you to link multiple spells that can be triggered in quick succession.

    There are many changes in existing skills, such as "Crying Rally" and "Structure Punch". In addition, with the Vulkan API, you can redo the passive skill tree, adjust existing unique projects, and optimize performance.

    If you are a new player, don't worry if Path of Exile looks complicated or difficult to solve. For some very deep customization options, you only need to check the flowchart in your location. Although it can sometimes be overwhelming, it's worth being happy that when you complete each level, you will get more POE Currency, and you will also get a lot of resources for you to use.

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